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Starting out in Toy Photography

Ever thought about getting a camera to take your toy shots with? or you want to get into toy photography but dont have the equipment? well dont be that person with all the gear and no idea!

Many Toy Photographers start up using a phone or an old camera, you don't need amazing tech to get a cool shot, as this article will explain.

When starting out in Toy photography it can be quite daunting when you see people using expensive cameras, lighting and software; but to start out all you need is a figure and a phone.

I started with using my old Iphone 11 and it was a great little starting point, I now own a Nikon D5600 camera but still use my Iphone 14 pro if the camera isnt quite capturing what I need.

Pros of using a phone:

  • Lightweight

  • Most people already have a phone to hand

  • Camera quality is brilliant

  • Good for quick edits and uploads

  • Lots of apps available for free

Cons of using a phone:

  • You might not get the zoom you need

  • Theres not as many settings for phone cameras

  • Night shots can be tricky

As you can see there are more benefits to using a phone than there are cons. Generally as a starting point a phone will do everything you need. If you want to step up the game there are a few great starting cameras to look for.


So you have decided to get a camera but aren't quite sure where to start, there are many different types of camera but the main one you want to look for is a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex).

Your main camera makes are Nikon, Sony and Canon. As mentioned before, I use a Nikon D5600 and it works wonders.

When buying a camera you have to take into affect that you pay for the Body and for the Lens, so dont be fooled by a cheap price as it may just be the camera body with no lens! Nikons starter cameras like the D5600 Start at around £300 for the body and depending on what lens you get will increase that price by quite a bit.

Lenses are obviously essential to using a camera, the best lens for toy photography is a 50mm which basically means 50 Millimeters from the centre of the lens to the image focal point, so a low number would make the lens wide angle and a higher number would make it telescopic (which is normally used for wildlife).

You don,t have to splash out when it comes to Lenses as there are many third-party companies that offer great lower budget lenses, Some of these include Sigma, Tamron, ZEISS and Rokinon. Using one of these third-party lenses will definitely lower that budget

Shot using an Iphone 11

Shot using Nikon D5600

I hope this article helps some of you out, be sure to check in when we review some cameras and phones individually.

In the meantime, have a look around the rest of our website, join our facebook group and follow us on Instagram!

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