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Hitting that creative block

We all get to a point in any creative art form, where there seems to be no way forward creatively. You sit there twiddling your thumbs and nothing comes to you. In this post I will be discussing ways you can get yourself out of that head space and back in the game.


Location, Location, Location

Toy photography can set you down a one way path if you don't broaden your horizons. You might keep taking shots in one space in your garden or in the house and over time all your shots look the same, this can cause quite a knock in creativity. So try taking your figures out and about with you. I tend to go to a nice quiet part of a beach or the woods as there are loads of different terrains and backgrounds you can use, along with some natural lighting; which is probably my favourite lighting.

One of the first shots I took when the first Covid lockdown ended


Reuse and Recycle

If you take photos of toys then at some point you have had toys delivered, you open the box and there is loads of brown paper in there smothering your precious toy, well that brown paper is precious too and so is that box!

I started Toy photography during the first Covid lockdown and as it went on for months it started getting very hard creatively, finding new places in the house to use that didn't look the same as the last shot. I decided to use some of the packaging that figures came in to create a little diorama or background, out of that I got one of my favourite shots I have ever taken and It kickstarted a new creative path to explore.

This shot was taken using brown packaging paper as the background and foreground


Mixing different types of photography

Now this one can get difficult if you are not use to anything other than toy photography, but it has a brilliant end game if you go down this path. Some of our community members are great at this type of toy photography and it may well be a weekly theme soon.

Wildlife is probably the first one I tried and I tried it with my cat who didn't play ball. So I tried with my dog that was sleeping at the time and it came out alright. But the best person I have seen pull this off is Mark from our community on Facebook.

Taken by Mark Phillips on our group, @frame_the_toys on Instagram



You may go on Instagram and see people taking shots of figures in Alleyways, Bars and the like and wonder how they do it, well the answer is a diorama, they can be fairly easy to make but do take time. Our resident Centurions_Corner (Steve) is the best one for tutorials on how to make them which I will link here.

Dioramas add loads of different ways you can shoot a figure, opening up for more angles, lighting and poses.


Include your other hobbies

If you have hobbies other than Toy photography why not include it in your shots. my other hobbies include playing Guitar, drums and Shooting. I have included music in many of my shots; taking inspiration from album covers and recreating them with figures, or even take the context of a song and put it in a scene using toys.

Last but not least

Take a break! if you feel you need a break from the hobby then take one, it is always there to come back to, It can also help clear the mind and make room for fresh ideas and content.

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