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Let's talk Posing

Some people are natural with it but struggling with the photography side. Some strong photographers seem to struggle with the posing side of things. I had thought about doing a little series on this and possibly for the website. Thankfully someone has already started and saved me the time. @toyzology please go follow him, he’s kindly let me share here. Let’s start with the foundation to dynamic posing the “RUN”!

Just some general pointers I feel almost instantly improve how well posed your figures will look. It's however important to note that posing is relatively subjective and these aren't necessary by any means, I just feel these look better but you're obviously free to bend joints however way you want

- Abdul Yusufu (popculturism)

Some extra Pointers from the group

I'm partial to in-between these 2 poses as for me personally he is a bit too bend over forward for my liking that is. But then again I'm not great at posing myself so I can't say too much.

This is what I mean, you can still see the figures face but he is still in a fairly dynamic running pose. Like we said though it is all personal isn't it. We all like what we like and we are all different.

- Mark Phillips (Frame_the_toys)

For me, I would say running poses are some of the harder poses to pull off, depending on figure of course. Personally I prefer a fighting pose or a static pose but I rely more on camera angle to make the shot more realistic.

- Callum Weaver (Skapari_toyphotography)


It's all down to personal preference and the type of figure you are using, as some figures are more poseable than others.

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