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My Top 5 figures to shoot of 2023

So we all have our favourite figures but sometimes those figures aren't always the ones we choose to shoot. Here is my list of top 5

5. Spirit Iron-Knife (Hasbro GI-Joe)

I haven't shot this guy for a while but at the start of the year I went through a long phase of using this guy in most shots. He gives loads of opportunities for different environments and situations.

4. Armoured Predator (NECA)

This one is the only Predator figure I own but he appears almost every month in some kind of shot, whether it be on his own on in a cross over hunting an unsuspecting GI-Joe.

3. Miles Morales (Hasbro Marvel Legends Gamerverse)

A Spidey figure had to make the list, I love shooting Spiderman he gives loads of different options. Miles has probably appeared the most out of all of them.

2. Batman Hush (DC Multiverse)

I really got into DC Multiverse this year, my collection consists of mostly Batman related figure but my ultimate Batman figure is Hush. By far one of the best figures for me to shoot.

1. Bane (The Dark Knight Rises, DC Multiverse)

This figure was one I was debating getting but i'm glad I did, what a figure it is. Poses well, Articulates well and just looks badass in every shot.

Honourable Mentions

My honourable mentions would probably be the new MCU Green Goblin and Renew your vows Spidey

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