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NFT marketplace Scams

So you may have posted a cool shot on Instagram and you randomly get a comment on the lines of "love this art, I have looked through your profile and would love to buy some of your art for NFT" dont be fooled, its a scam.

Is it too good to be true?

Answer. Yes. Once these scammers message you, they will give you all the talk of how good certain shots are and they are willing to pay 4 ETH for each, well ETH is a crypto currency and 4 ETH is somehow worth £5252 which for 1 shot is a large amount.

Real life scenario

So I was minding my own business when I received one of these messages on my Toy Photography page "Skapari" now the scammer offered me 8 ETH for 2 shots which I deemed not very good and with no effort but this person was offering £13000 for 2 of my not so good shots, asking me to create an account on Opensea. io and they would pay my account on there, well in order to do that you need to upload your shots and pay £££ to do so, once you do that your money is gone and so is the scammer.

Dont fool for it, its a scam

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