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Removing unwanted objects

Ever wondered how on some shots you see, the figure is posed in a way that can't be balanced so therefore must use wires, but there are no wires to be seen?

With the above shot I wanted to remove the wire and the poles, so I took to Photoshop.

Spot Heal Tool

The most common way to remove objects from an area of a shot that has more detail would be the Spot heal tool, it works the same as a paint brush tool but instead of painting, it highlights an area then matches it to the area within a close proximity. so for the Spiderman shot I used it for the wire around his abdomen.

Content aware fill

The content aware fill works in a similar way to the spot heal but instead it is used for larger areas and objects. So for the Spiderman shot I used it for the poles. This tool works best when there is a more plain/solid colour background.

For example if I wanted to remove the darksaber, I would select the area then go to fill and content aware fill.

We hope this helps some of you that may be starting to use editing softwares for your shots. Be sure to check out the rest of our blog posts.

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