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Toy Photography and A.I

So you may have seen some A.I generated "photos" and for the point of this post we will use that word lightly.

A.I stands for Artificial Intelligence; Artificial being the main point. There has been a rise in people posting their "toy photography" on instagram, now we wont name names as this isnt one of those posts. But. When something is artificially made using intel gathered from other sources and other artists work then where do we draw the line of plagerism?

The Image to the left was created by "me" using Bing Image creator, now on the description you can see what I asked for then the picture is what was created from that description.

I put the question "What is your opinion on A.I" to the Toy Photography UK community on our Facebook group. We got a majority of comments stating that they didnt agree with it full stop.

"I think dubbing it as AI “art” from the outset is a big part of the problem, it’s plagiarism software plain and simple, there’s nothing artistic about it." - Lianne Hobbs (Insta_Lianne)

Plagiarism is a difficult law to navigate, when does something become plagiarism, plagiarism could be copying a comic book cover using figures, or A.I using other peoples shots to create another.

Plagiarism Definition -

The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

So plagiarism can be using anyones idea to create your own work.

To show how well this A.I can create a Toy Photography shot, I described an Idea in my head to see what it came up with and below you can see those results

As you can see it is pretty accurate and it is only early days.

My personal opinion is that it should not be used and posted as if it is your work. it is not.

Please leave your opinions below.

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